Smoke Descends on Oshkosh

Tuesday's sunrise over the EAA AirVenture air show was blood red, discolored by the smoke coming down from Canadian wildfires.
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Saudi Arabia Selects King Airs for Weather Mission

The five specially modified airframes ordered will be used for cloud seeding.
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Does ASOS Have a Built-in Lightning Detection?

If an automated surface observation system does not have a lightning sensor in the array, it may still report lightning.
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Instrument Rating Can Expand Your Travel Horizons

Scrubbed missions convince a pilot to pursue an instrument rating.
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Anatomy of a Bomb Cyclone

Three cities, two coasts, and one massive weather event.
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Simulating Thunderstorm Convection Craziness

Pilots can explore flying in massive and lightning-laden downpours in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, which offers convection realism.
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Beware of the Benign

Rain showers and thunderstorms are one and the same from a pilot's perspective.
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Learning to Fly in Smoke and Haze

Smoke from Canadian wildfires can affect flight training. Here's what you should know.
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Navigating Smoke

Smoke can present a hazard to all pilots, but especially those flying under visual flight rules.
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A Virtual, Wind-Battled Landing on a Mountaintop Runway

Microsoft Flight Simulator's live weather feature offers teachable moments flying into Mountain Air, North Carolina.
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