Avemco Insurance Offers Discounts for Redbird Pro Use

The insurer will reward pilots who use the Redbird Pro app in their proficiency training

Redbird Flight and Avemco Aviation Insurance are partnering to incentivize pilot proficiency training that includes the Redbird Pro app in 2023. Pilots who use the app in their training can access discounted rates for Avemco insurance and for a Redbird Pro app subscription.

The Redbird Pro app is designed to assess pilot knowledge and tailor training options through artificial intelligence to help them improve their weak points. The app utilizes articles, simulator scenarios, and quizzes as training tools. 

Many of the training scenarios are drawn from I.L.A.F.F.T. and Chart Wise content from FLYING Magazine. It also incorporates content from the AOPA Safety Institute

Avemco customers using the Redbird Pro app in their training could be eligible to receive up to 10 percent discounts on their annual premiums, through the Avemco Safety Rewards Program. In turn, Avemco customers are eligible to receive a 20 percent discount on their Redbird Pro subscription, which is available with both visual and instrument flight rules plans. 

“At Avemco, we believe strongly in the value of flight simulators in the ongoing training of pilots,” Marci Veronie, senior vice president of sales and marketing, said in a statement. “Avemco policyholders who continue their training using Redbird Pro can qualify for Safety Rewards credits on their annual insurance premiums.”


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