FAA Readies to Regulate Commercial Human Spaceflight Safety 

The existing Congressional prohibition on regulating commercial human spaceflight is set to expire in October.
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Virgin Galactic Sets Dates for First Private Astronaut Mission

‘Galactic 02’ marks the space tourism firm’s second commercial flight with paying customers.
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Meet Arkisys, the Startup Building the World’s First Private Spaceport

The company’s Port ecosystem should ramp up space activity by providing a hub for just about everything.
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Virgin Galactic Launches First Spaceflight with Paying Customers

The company’s 'VMS Eve' mothership and 'VSS Unity' spacecraft took off Thursday morning from Spaceport America.
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Virgin Galactic Sets Commercial Launch Date as Modern-Day Space Race Heats Up

First flight for paying customers comes as Blue Origin’s New Shepard remains sidelined.
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Artemis I: Against All Odds

NASA returns to the moon with a human-rated spacecraft.
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SpaceX Sends Paying Customers on Ax-2 Mission to ISS

Launch represents the company’s third fully commercial flight and 10th crewed mission to space.
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Stratolaunch Completes Vital Test of Launch System for Hypersonic Vehicles

A successful separation test clears the way for a move toward hypersonic flight.
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Virgin Galactic Plans Return to Space This Month

The crewed mission will clear the runway for commercial launch in June.
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FAA Faces Lawsuit Over Handling of SpaceX Starship Program

In the lawsuit, environmental groups accuse the FAA of making environmental concessions to SpaceX.
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