Drones Have Been Used to Commit War Crimes—Now They’re Documenting Them

The U.S. is sending nine Skydio 2+ drones to Ukraine’s Office of the Prosecutor General to collect photos and video of war crimes.
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Whisper Aero Announces New Flight Test Center to Develop Ultraquiet Propulsion

Company claims to reduce aircraft noise to a whisper while delivering 20 percent greater efficiency than other ducted fan designs.
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Drones May Soon Have New York City Skies Humming

Mayor Eric Adams announced the city’s new rules for drone permits, allowing the public to fly for the first time.
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New York’s Response to a Flurry of Shark Attacks? Send In the Drones

Following five reported encounters during the July Fourth weekend, New York’s governor rolled out more eyes in the sky.
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FAA’s Remote ID Rule Takes Effect in September—Is Your Drone Ready?

Businesses, law enforcement agencies, and recreational flyers will all be required to have remote ID capabilities by September 16.
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Swiss Firm RigiTech Enables Drone Delivery—Without a Landing or Takeoff

The company’s prototype precision dropping system delivered wind turbine parts 20 miles offshore with a 100 percent success rate.
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Are Drone Light Shows Replacing Fireworks Displays?

As the country gears up for Independence Day, more and more cities are ditching fireworks for drones.
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Single Canadian Prison Sees Nearly 100 Illegal Drone Deliveries in 2022

The threat of drones smuggling drugs, weapons, and other contraband into prisons is on the rise.
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Choctaw Nation UAS Test Site, uAvionix Launch FCC-Authorized Operations

Landmark approval permits BVLOS operations using C-band radio frequencies, which may soon be used solely for UAS.
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India to Make Massive Purchase of US Reaper Drones

Indian Air Force procures 31 MQ-9B SeaGuardian aircraft in a deal worth more than $3 billion.
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