Watch the We Fly Bristell SLSA

The light sport aircraft makes a fine cross-country machine.
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FLYING Reveals Innovation Award Series for 2023

A new award has also been established honoring Sean D. Tucker.
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FLYING’s Reader Advice on Buying, Selling Aircraft

Owners offer their top tips for making that special purchase—and share some regrets.
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Affordable Aviation: 5 Airplanes Under $100K on Aircraft for Sale

Here are some single-engine piston aircraft you could own right now.
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SAFECON Championship: The Flight Competition

Skies, Skills, and Scores: The Aerial Arena of SAFECON 2023
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Survey: What Advice Do You Have for Buying, Selling Aircraft?

Later this month, hundreds of thousands of aviation enthusiasts attending AirVenture will no doubt confront the temptation of buying or selling their own ...
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SAFECON Championship: The Ground Simulators

Navigating the virtual skies: an inside look at SAFECON 2023's ground simulator events.
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Pick the Next FLYING Cover 

We’re wrapping up our latest print edition, for August 2023, Issue 940, and we want to know what you think about the cover.
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SimVenture 2023: Real Controllers, Real Procedures, Virtual Skies

Join FLYING Magazine for an immersive flight experience with the real Oshkosh air traffic controllers at this year’s ultimate pre-AirVenture Event.
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SAFECON Championship: The Ground Competition

Behind-the-Scenes of SAFECON 2023: The Thrills and Challenges of Ground Competition
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