UND Aerospace Transitions Full Fleet to Unleaded Avgas

The University of North Dakota program expects the switch to UL94 will improve maintenance costs for its aircraft and lead to more productivity ...
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GA Industry Celebrates FAA’s Proposed MOSAIC Rule

Under the agency’s new proposed guidelines officially published Monday, most of the current regulatory limitations on light sport aircraft would be removed.
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House Passes FAA Reauthorization Bill

The legislation struck language that would allow simulator time to count toward the 1,500-hour training requirement for aspiring pilots.
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United’s New Deal with Pilots to Offer Pay Increases Up to 40 Percent

The agreement wraps up four years of negotiations and is estimated to be worth $10 billion.
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New ForeFlight Safety Update Includes Runway Alert

The app's updated safety features also include ADS-B traffic breadcrumbs and day/night map overlays.
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ATC Staff Shortages Reportedly Posing Challenges at Austin Airport

While the FAA Air Traffic Controller Workforce Plan mentions target staffing standards for KAUS is 51 employees, the facility currently sits at 39.
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Reports: New FAA Administrator Nomination Expected Soon

Mike Whitaker is a private pilot, has about 20 years of aviation experience and served as acting deputy administrator during the Obama Administration.
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DOT Watchdog Agency to Audit FAA Safety Protocols

The OIG will review the aviation agency’s methodology for data analysis, risk identification, and measures to mitigate runway incursions.
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Who’s to Blame for Flight Disruptions During Fourth of July? 

Friday was the busiest U.S. air travel day on record as the TSA screened more than 2.8 million passengers.
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NetJets Pilot Union Files Grievance, Cites Training Standards

Some pilots are seeking outside resources to compensate for the shortcomings in their instruction, according to union leadership.
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